1General Surgery TN0861 : Epigastric Hernia without Mesh
2General Surgery TN0862 : Epigastric Hernia with Mesh
3General Surgery TN0863 : Femoral Hernia
4General Surgery TN0864 : Hiatus Hernia Repair Abdominal
5General Surgery TN0865 : Rare Hernias (Spigalion, Obuturator, Sciatic)
6General Surgery TN0866 : Umbilical Hernia without Mesh
7General Surgery TN0867 : Umbilical Hernia with Mesh
8General Surgery TN0868 : Ventral and Scar Hernia without Mesh
9General Surgery TN0869 : Ventral and Scar Hernia with Mesh
10General Surgery TN0870 : Lap. Appendicectomy
11General Surgery TN0871 : Appendicular Perforation
12General Surgery TN0872 : Highly Selective Vagotomy
13General Surgery TN0873 : Selective Vagotomy Drainage
14General Surgery TN0874 : Vagotomy Pyloroplasty
15General Surgery TN0875 : Operation for Bleeding Peptic Ulcer
16General Surgery TN0876 : Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy For Ulcer
17General Surgery TN0877 : Pyloromyotomy
18General Surgery TN0878 : Duodenal Perforation
19General Surgery TN0879: Gastrostomy
20General Surgery TN0880 : Gastrostomy Closure
21General Surgery TN0881 : Operation for Haemorrhage of The Small Intestine
22General Surgery TN0882 : Operations for Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction (Noble Plication Other)
23General Surgery TN0883 : Resection & Anastomosis of Small Intestine
24General Surgery TN0884: Ileostomy
25General Surgery TN0885 : Ileostomy Closure
26General Surgery TN0886 : Total Colectomy
27General Surgery TN0887: Colostomy
28General Surgery TN0888 : Colostomy Closure
29General Surgery TN0889 : Operation for Acute Intestinal Obstrucion
30General Surgery TN0890 : Operation for Acute Intestinal Perforation
31General Surgery TN0960 : DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA
32General Surgery TN0967 : Intususception
33General Surgery TN0968 : Volvulus
34General Surgery TN0969 : Malrotation
35General Surgery TN0970 : Torsion Testis
36General Surgery TN0973 : Cholecystectomy
37General Surgery TN0974 : Lap.Cholecystectomy
38General Surgery TN0975 : Cholecystectomy + CBD exploration
39General Surgery TN0976 : GASTRECTOMY ANY TYPE
40General Surgery TN0977 : Gastrojejunostomy & Vagotomy
41General Surgery TN0978 : Partial Gastrectomy
42General Surgery TN0979 : Total Gastrectomy
43General Surgery TN0982 : ANTERIOR RESECTION
45General Surgery TN0984 : Right Hemicolectomy
46General Surgery TN0985 : Left Hemicolectomy
47General Surgery TN0986 : Splenectomy
48General Surgery TN0989 : Soft tissue tumors wide excision
49Paediatric SurgeriesTN0443 : Sinuses & Fistula of the Neck
50Paediatric SurgeriesTN0459 : Laparoscopic Orchidopexy
51Paediatric SurgeriesTN0460 : Laparoscopic Varicocele Ligation
52Surgical OncologyTN0106 : Salpingo Oophorectomy
53Surgical OncologyTN0140 : Small Bowel Resection
54Surgical OncologyTN0146 : Radical Cholecystectomy
55Surgical OncologyTN0147 : Resection of Retroperitoneal Tumors
56Surgical OncologyTN0175 : Adrenalectomy
57Surgical OncologyTN0196 : Gastro Jejunostomy
58Surgical OncologyTN0197 : Ileotransverse Colostomy
59Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0738 : Operation for Hydatid Cyst of Liver
60Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0753 : Lap Heller -S Myotomy
61Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0754 : Lap Fundoplications
62Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0765 : Hartman.S Procedure with Colostomy
63Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0771 : Cholecystostomy
64Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0774 : Enucleation Of Cyst
65Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0778 : Lap- Pancreatic Necrosectomy
66Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0786 : Pseudocust of Pancresas
67Chest SurgeryTN0790 : Diaphragmatic Eventeration
68Gynaecology & Obstetric SurgeryTN0624 : Pelvic Floor Reconstruction with Mesh
69Gynaecology & Obstetric SurgeryTN0628 : Vault Prolapse Abdominal Repair with Mesh
70Gynaecology & Obstetric SurgeryTN0629 : Laparoscopic Cystectomy
71Gynaecology & Obstetric SurgeryTN0635 : Laparoscopic Adhesolysis