1GastroenterologyTN0675 : Oesophageal Fistula
2GastroenterologyTN0676 : Corrosive Oesophageal Injury
3GastroenterologyTN0677 : Acute Pancreatitis with Pseudocyst (Infected)
4GastroenterologyTN0679 : Biliary Strictures - Post OP Stent
5GastroenterologyTN0680 : Biliary Strictures - Post OP Leaks
6GastroenterologyTN0681 : Biliary Strictures - Sclerosing Cholangitis
7GastroenterologyTN0682 : Oesophageal Perforation
8GastroenterologyTN0683 : Achalasia Cardia
9GastroenterologyTN0684 : Oesophageal Varices, Variceal Banding
10GastroenterologyTN0685 : Oesophageal Varices, Sclerotherapy
11GastroenterologyTN0686 : GAVE (Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia)
12GastroenterologyTN0687 : Gastric Varices
13GastroenterologyTN0670 : Acute Pancreatitis (Mild)
14GastroenterologyTN0671 : Acute Pancreatitis (Severe)
15GastroenterologyTN0672 : Obscure GI Bleed
16GastroenterologyTN0673 : Cirrhosis with Hepatic Encephalopathy
17GastroenterologyTN0674 : Cirrhosis with Hepato Renal Syndrome
18GastroenterologyTN0678 : Chronic Pancreatitis with Severe Pain