1Interventional RadiologyTN0908 : Embolization of AV Malformation of Peripheral Extremity, Craniofascial and Visceral Per Sitting
2Interventional RadiologyTN0909 : Inferior Vena Cava Stenting Single Stent
3Interventional RadiologyTN0910 : Acute Stroke Thrombolysis with RTPA
4Interventional RadiologyTN0911 : Renal Artery Embolization with Multiple Coils and Microcatheter
5Interventional RadiologyTN0912 : Cortical Venous Sinus Thrombolysis
6Interventional RadiologyTN0913 : Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement
7Interventional RadiologyTN0914 : Subclavian, Iliac, Superficial Femoral Artery Stenting each with One Stent
8Interventional RadiologyTN0915 : Tibial Angioplasty in Critical Limb Ischemia
9Interventional RadiologyTN0916 : Mesenteric Artery Angioplasty & Stenting in Acute & Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia - Single Stent
10Interventional RadiologyTN0917 : Gastrointestinal Visceral Arterial Embolization in Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding With Microcatheter
11Interventional RadiologyTN0918 : Bronchial Artery Embolization in Hemoptysis using PVA and Micro Catheter
12Interventional RadiologyTN0919 : Embolization of Postoperative and Post Traumatic Bleeding
13Interventional RadiologyTN0920 : Biliary Drainage Procedures - External Drainage and Stent Placement - Single Metallic Stent
14Interventional RadiologyTN0921 : Nephrostomy Tube and Nephroureteral Stent Placement
15Interventional RadiologyTN0922 : Uterine Artery Embolization in Severe Menorrhagia Secondary Topph, Uterine Fibroids and AVM
16Interventional RadiologyTN0923 : Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Limbs
17Interventional RadiologyTN0924 : Permanent Tunnelled Catheter Placement as Substitute for AV Fistula in Long Term Dialysis
18Interventional RadiologyTN0925 : Central Venous Stenting for Central Venous Occlusion (Brachiocephalic, Subclavian Vein and Sup Vena Cava) Single Metallic Stent
19Interventional RadiologyTN0926 : Endovascular Intervention for Salvaging Hemodialysis AV Fistula
20Interventional RadiologyTN0927 : Balloon Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration of Bleeding Gastric Varices (BRTO)
21Interventional RadiologyTN0928 : Preoperative Portal Vein Embolization for Liver Tumors
22Interventional RadiologyTN0929 : Chemo Embolization for Liver Tumors Using Drug and PVA or DC beads
23Interventional RadiologyTN0930 : Percutaneous Vertebro Plasty/ Cementoplasty (For Each Level)
24Interventional RadiologyTN0931 : Trans Jugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPSS)
25Interventional RadiologyTN0932 : Embolization of Pulmonary AV Malformation
26Interventional RadiologyTN0933 : Preoperative Prophylactic Tumor Embolization
27Interventional RadiologyTN0934 : Embolization of AV Malformation of Brain Per Sitting with Onyx
28Interventional RadiologyTN0935 : Carotid Stenting Single Stent with Protection Device
29Interventional RadiologyTN0936 : Intracranial Arterial and Venous Stenting
30Interventional RadiologyTN0937 : Peripheral Stent Graft for Peripheral Aneurysms and AV Fistulae
31Interventional RadiologyTN0938 : Embolization of Caratico-Cavernous Fistula
32Interventional RadiologyTN0939 : Guided Nerve Block
33Interventional RadiologyTN0940 : Guided Ablation Technique (RFA)
34Interventional RadiologyTN0941 : CT Scan Guided FNAC/Biopsy Procedures.(Lung, Bone, Abdomen etc)
35Interventional RadiologyTN0942 : USG Guided Abscess Drainage (Eg. Liver Abscess, Post Op Collections)
36Interventional RadiologyTN0943 : Stereotactic Mammographic Biopsy Procedures