1Orthopedic TraumaTN0314 : Surgical Correction of Longbone Fracture (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0314-a : Fracture Neck/ Shaft Of Femur (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0314-b : Fracture Shaft of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
2Orthopedic TraumaTN0315 : Correction of Non-Union Fractures
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0315-a : Non-Union of Fracture Of Femur
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0315-b : Non-Union of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg)
3Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-a : Amputation of AK / BK (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-b : Amputation of AE / BE (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-c : Amputation of Fore-Foot (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-d : Sym's Amputation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-e : Amputation of Toes (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-f : Amputation of Fingers (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
 Orthopedic TraumaTN0316-g : Trans Meta-Tarsal Amputation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
4Orthopedic TraumaTN0317 : Soft Tissue Injury (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
5Orthopedic TraumaTN0318 : Arthrodesis of - Major Joints
6Orthopedic TraumaTN0319 : Arthroscopy - Diagnostic
7Orthopedic TraumaTN0320 : Arthroscopy - Operative Meniscectomy
8Orthopedic TraumaTN0321 : Bone Grafting as Exclusive Procedure (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
9Orthopedic TraumaTN0322 : Excision or Other Operations for Scaphoid Fractures
10Orthopedic TraumaTN0323 : Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of Fingers & Toes (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
11Orthopedic TraumaTN0324 : Reduction of Compound Fractures & External Fixation (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
12Orthopedic TraumaTN0325 : ILIZAROV Ring Fixator Application
13Orthopedic TraumaTN0326 : CTEV Neglected - Jess Fixator
14Orthopedic TraumaTN0327 : Open Reduction of Dislocations - Deep (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
15Orthopedic TraumaTN0328 : Amputations - Forequarter
16Orthopedic TraumaTN0329 : Amputations - Hind Quarter and Hemipelvectomy
17Orthopedic TraumaTN0330 : Arthroscopy - ACL Repair
18Orthopedic TraumaTN0331 : Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head (Core Decompression) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
19Orthopedic TraumaTN0332 : Soft Tissue Reconstruction Procedures for Joints/Osteotomy (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
20Orthopedic TraumaTN0333 : Anterolateral Clearance for Tuberculosis
21Orthopedic TraumaTN0334 : Costo Transversectomy
22Orthopedic TraumaTN0335 : Spinal Ostectomy and Internal Fixations
23Orthopedic TraumaTN0336 : Nerve Repair with Grafting
24Orthopedic TraumaTN0337 : Neurolysis/Nerve Suture
25Orthopedic TraumaTN0338 : Operations for Brachial Plexus & Cervical Rib
26Orthopedic TraumaTN0339 : Excision of Bone Tumours . Deep With Re-Construction with Conventional Prosthesis