1Paediatric Intensive CareTN0404 : Severe Pancratitis Requiring Surgery as Add on
2Paediatric Intensive CareTN0412 : Acute Stridor/Foreign Body Obstruction
3Paediatric Intensive CareTN0420 : ECMO-Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
4Paediatric Intensive CareTN0392 : Severe Bronchiolitis/Severe Broncho Pneumonia/Severe aspiration Pneumonia (Non-Ventilated)
5Paediatric Intensive CareTN0393 : Severe Bronchiolitis/Severe Broncho Pneumonia/Severe aspiration Pneumonia (Ventilated)
6Paediatric Intensive CareTN0394 : Acute Severe Asthma (Ventilated)
7Paediatric Intensive CareTN0395 : Severe Myocarditis/Congenital Heart Disease with Infection and/or Cardiogenic Shock/Cardiogenic Shock/Infective Endocarditis(Non-Ventilated)
8Paediatric Intensive CareTN0396 : Septic Shock/Infective Endocarditis( Ventilated)
9Paediatric Intensive CareTN0397 : Febrile Seizures (Mechanical Ventilated)
10Paediatric Intensive CareTN0398 : Meningitis/Encephalitis (Non-Ventilated)
11Paediatric Intensive CareTN0399 : Meningitis/Encephalitis/Status Epilepticus (Ventilated)
12Paediatric Intensive CareTN0400 : Intra Cranial Bleed
13Paediatric Intensive CareTN0401 : Acute Gastro Intestinal Bleed
14Paediatric Intensive CareTN0402 : Acute Pancreatitis/Acute Hepatitis
15Paediatric Intensive CareTN0403 : Acute Hepatitis with Hepatic Encephalopathy
16Paediatric Intensive CareTN0405 : Acute Renal Failure
17Paediatric Intensive CareTN0406 : Diabetic Ketoacidosis
18Paediatric Intensive CareTN0407 : Dengue Shock Syndrome
19Paediatric Intensive CareTN0408 : Snake Bite Requiring Ventilator Assistance
20Paediatric Intensive CareTN0409 : Scorpion Sting with Myocarditis and Cardiogenic Shock Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
21Paediatric Intensive CareTN0410 : Poison Ingestion/ Aspiration Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
22Paediatric Intensive CareTN0411 : Acute Broncho/ Lobarpneumonia with Empyema/ Pleural Effusion/Pyopneumothorax
23Paediatric Intensive CareTN0413 : Nehrotic Syndrome/Acute Glomerulo Nephritis
24Paediatric Intensive CareTN0414 : Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection with Complications like Pyelonephritis and Renal Failure
25Paediatric Intensive CareTN0415 : Acute Renal Failure with or without Dialysis
26Paediatric Intensive CareTN0416 : Haemophillia Including Von Willibrands
27Paediatric Intensive CareTN0417 : Pyogenic Meningitis
28Paediatric Intensive CareTN0418 : Neuro Tuberculosis/Neurocysticercosis
29Paediatric Intensive CareTN0419 : Idipopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
30Paediatric Intensive CareTN0421 : Adverse Events following Immunisation
31Paediatric Intensive CareTN0422 : Multi System Organ Failure
32Paediatric Intensive CareTN0423 : Necrotising Enterocolitis, Clinical Sepsis Non-Ventilated hyper-bilirubinemia