1Poly TraumaTN0340 : Grade-I & II (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
2Poly TraumaTN0341 : Grade-III (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
3Poly TraumaTN0342 : Flap Cover Surgery for Wound in Compound Fracture
4Poly TraumaTN0343 : Surgery for Patella Fracture (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries only and not as Exclusive Procedure) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
5Poly TraumaTN0344 : Small Bone Fractures-K-Wiring (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries Only and not as Exclusive Procedure) (Reserved for Govt. Hosp.)
6Poly TraumaTN0345-a : Sacro Illiac Joint
 Poly TraumaTN0345-b : Acetabular
7Poly TraumaTN0346 : HDP/PP
8Poly TraumaTN0347 : Fibre
9Poly TraumaTN0348 : Modular
10Poly TraumaTN0349 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - HDP/PP
11Poly TraumaTN0350 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Fibre
12Poly TraumaTN0351 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Modular
13Poly TraumaTN0352 : Through Knee Prostheses - HDP/PP
14Poly TraumaTN0353 : Through Knee Prostheses - Fibre
15Poly TraumaTN0354 : Through Knee Prostheses - Modular
16Poly TraumaTN0355 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - HDP/PP
17Poly TraumaTN0356 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - Fibre
18Poly TraumaTN0357 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - Modular
19Poly TraumaTN0358 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis -HDP/PP
20Poly TraumaTN0359 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Fibre
21Poly TraumaTN0360 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Modular
22Poly TraumaTN0361 : Partial Foot Prostheses
23Poly TraumaTN0362: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- HDP/PP
24Poly TraumaTN0363: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow - Fibre
25Poly TraumaTN0364: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- Modular
26Poly TraumaTN0365: UPPERLIMB -Above Elbow -HDP/PP
27Poly TraumaTN0366: UPPERLIMB-Above Elbow - Fibre
28Poly TraumaTN0367: UPPERLIMB -Above Elbow - Modular
29Poly TraumaTN0368: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - HDP/PP
30Poly TraumaTN0369: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Fibre
31Poly TraumaTN0370: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Modular
32Poly TraumaTN0901 : Surgical Treatment
33Poly TraumaTN0902 : Stay in General Ward @Rs.500/Day
34Poly TraumaTN0903 : Stay in Neuro ICU @Rs.4000/Day
35Poly TraumaTN0904 : Surgical Treatment
36Poly TraumaTN0905 : Abdominal Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
37Poly TraumaTN0906 : Stay in Surgical ICU @ Rs.1000/Day
38Poly TraumaTN0907 : Abdominal Injuries Conservative Surgical Treatment
39PolytraumaTN0899 : Chest Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
40PolytraumaTN0900 : Stay in Respiratory ICU @ Rs.4000/Day