1Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0735 : Rt. Hepatectomy
2Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0736 : Lt. Hepatectomy
3Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0737 : Segmentectomy
4Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0738 : Operation for Hydatid Cyst of Liver
5Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0739 : Portocaval Anastomosis
6Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0740 : Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (Advanced) Radio Frequency Ablation
7Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0741 : Haemangioma SOL Liver Hepatectomy + Wedge Resection
8Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0742 : Lienorenal Shunt
9Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0743 : Devascularisation with Oesophageal Transection
10Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0744 : Splenorenal Anastomosis
11Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0745 : Warren Shunt
12Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0746 : Splenectomy + Devascularisation + Spleno Renal Shunt
13Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0747 : Spleenectomy for Space Occupying Lesion
14Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0748 : Surgery for Bleeding Ulcers
15Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0749 : Surgery for Obscure GI Bleed
16Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0750 : Colonic Pull Up
17Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0751 : Oesophagectomy
18Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0752 : Oesophago-Gastrectomy
19Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0753 : Lap Heller -S Myotomy
20Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0754 : Lap Fundoplications
21Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0755 : Distal Gastrectomy for Gastric Outlet Obstruction
22Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0756 : Surgery For Corrosive Injury Stomach
23Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0757 : Lap Adhesiolysis
24Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0758 : I Stage-Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy
25Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0759 : II Stage-J - Pouch
26Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0760 : III Stage-Ileostomy Closure
27Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0761 : I Stage- Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy + J - Pouch
28Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0762 : II Stage- Ileostomy Closure
29Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0763 : Extended Right Hemicolectomy
30Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0764 : Anterior Resection with Ileostomy
31Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0765 : Hartman.S Procedure with Colostomy
32Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0766 : Cyst Excision + Hepatic Jejunostomy
33Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0767 : Hepatico Jejunostomy
34Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0768 : GB+ Calculi CBD Stones or Dilated CBD
35Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0769 : Choledochoduodenostomy or Choledocho Jejunostomy
36Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0770 : Lap Cholecystostomy With Exploration CBD
37Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0771 : Cholecystostomy
38Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0772 : Repair Of Cbd
39Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0773 : Distal Pancreatectomy
40Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0774 : Enucleation Of Cyst
41Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0775: Whipples Any Type
42Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0776: Tripple Bypass
43Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0777 : Other Bypasses, Frey'S Pancreatic Head & DJ
44Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0778 : Lap- Pancreatic Necrosectomy
45Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0779 : Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy(Non- Malignant)
46Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0780 : Pancreatic Necrosectomy (Open)
47Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0781 : Distal Pancreatectomy + Splenectomy
48Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0782 : Central Pancreatectomy
49Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0783 : Cysto Jejunostomy
50Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0784 : Cysto Gastrostomy
51Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0785 : Pancreatitis - CBD Caluculi
52Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0786 : Pseudocust of Pancresas
53Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0787 : Choledochal Cyst - Jaundice
54Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0788 : Pancreas Divisum
55Surgical Gastro EnterologyTN0789 : Sclerosing Choloangitis