Sub-specialityPackage RateA1A2A3A4A5A6
VASCULAR SURGERIESTN0532 : A V Fistula at Wrist10,0009,0008,0007,0006,0005,000
 TN0533 : A. V Fistula at Elbow20,00018,00016,00014,00012,00010,000
 TN0534 : D V T - IVC Filter100,000100,0000000
 TN0535 : Peripheral Embolectomy without Graft27,00024,30021,60018,90016,20013,500
 TN0536 : Excision of Arterio Venous Malformation - Large75,00067,50060,00060,00060,00060,000
 TN0537 : Excision of Arterio Venous Malformation - Small40,00036,00032,00028,00024,00020,000
 TN0538 : Arterial Embolectomy28,00025,20022,40019,60016,80014,000
 TN0539 : Vascular Tumors40,00036,00032,00028,00024,00020,000
 TN0540 : Small Arterial Aneurysms - Repair15,00013,50012,00010,5009,0007,500
 TN0541 : Medium Size Arterial Aneurysms - Repair50,00045,00040,00035,00030,00025,000
 TN0542 : Medium Size Arterial Aneurysms with Synthetic Graft75,00067,50060,00052,50052,50052,500
 TN0543 : Aorto Billiac - Bifemoral Bypass with Synthetic Graft100,000100,0000000
 TN0544 : Axillo Bifemoral Bypass with Synthetic Graft100,000100,0000000
 TN0545 : Femoro Distal Bypass with Vein Graft60,00054,00048,00042,00042,00042,000
 TN0546 : Femoro Distal Bypass with Synthetic Graft80,00072,00064,00064,00064,00064,000
 TN0547 : Axillo Brachial Bypass Using Synthetic Graft65,00058,50052,00045,50045,50045,500
 TN0548 : Brachio - Radial Bypass with Synthetic Graft50,00045,00040,00035,00035,00035,000
 TN0549 : Carotid Body Tumor - Excision60,00054,00048,00042,00042,00042,000
 TN0550 : Carotid Artery Bypass with Synthetic Graft100,00090,00080,00080,00080,00080,000
VASCULAR INJURYTN0551 : Surgery Without Graft for Arterial Injuries Venous Injuries10,0009,0008,0007,0006,0005,000
 TN0552 : Vascular Injury in Upper Limbs - Axillary, Branchial, Radial and Ulnar - Repair with Vein Graft40,00036,00032,00028,00024,00020,000
 TN0553 : Major Vascular Injury -in Lower Limbs-Repair60,00054,00048,00042,00042,00042,000
 TN0554 : Major Vascular Injury Repair- Tibial Vessels in Leg20,00018,00016,00014,00012,00010,000
 TN0555 : Major Vascular Injury Repair -Vessels in Foot20,00018,00016,00014,00012,00010,000
 TN0556 : Surgery with Vein Graft15,00013,50012,00010,5009,0007,500
 TN0557 : With Prosthetic Graft40,00036,00032,00028,00024,00020,000
 TN0558 : Neck Vascular Injury - Carotid Vessels100,000100,0000000
 TN0559 : Abdominal Vascular Injuries - Aorta, Illac Arteries, IVC, Iliac Veins100,000100,0000000
 TN0560 : Thoracic Vascular Injuries100,000100,0000000
VASCULARTN0561 : Minor Vascular Injury Repair Vessels in Foot20,00018,00016,00014,00012,00010,000
 TN0562 : Carotid Endarterectomy60,00054,00048,00042,00042,00042,000
 TN0563 : Varicose Veins RFA40,00036,00032,00028,00024,00020,000