Annaii Medical College Hospital
SL.NOCriteriaSub classificationScoresOverall Scores
1No of Beds30  
 30-100 2
2MRD with ICD Coding  1
3Well Equipped ICUA) up to 15 Beds 1
 B) With beds above 15  
4Patho lab   
Bio-Chem lab  1
Micro lab  1
5A)OT-Laminar Air Flow   
B)HEPA Filter   
6SCANA) - CT  
 B) MRI  
 C) PET  
7A) IT Solution  1
B) Computer Billing  1
8DNB Recognition   
9In House Pharmacy -24 Hours   
10Blood BankA)Registered  
 B)Storage center  
11Medical Audit  1
12A)Fire Safety Equipment  1
B)Fire Safety Drill & Certificate   
1Full time consultants not less than 10 specialty   
2A)Cath Lab   
B)Cardio Thoracic OT   
3A) JCI   
B) NABH Accreditation   
4Laennac RT   
5Location-Metro cityA)Chennai  
 B)Other Metros 1
7No of Duty Doctors5-15= 1
8No of Qualified Nurses5-15= 1
9NICU/PICU Beds:3-6= 1
10No of warmers/Incubators3-6=  
11Neonatal Ventilators2-5=  
12Transport incubators  1
13Registered for Human Organ Transplant Act   
14Bio-Medical Engineering Department  1
 Final Score 17
 Final Grad A4