Procedure Including Package NumberBare Minimum Investigation to Approve Pre Authorisation (for First Cycle)Minimum Investigation and (for all Cycles)
TN0258 : Zoledronic Acid Along with Adjuvant Chemotherapy of AS-IBiopsy ReportCBC/RFT/LFT
TN0259 : CML Curable T. ImatinibPeripheral Smear, bone marrow findingsCBC/RFT/LFT
TN0260 : CLL - Bendamustine 90Mg Per Meter Sq D1 & D2, T.Chlorambucil, T.FludarabineCBC/RFT/LFT
TN0261 : MDS T.Lenalidomide, AzacytidinePeripheral Smear, bone marrow findingsCBC/RFT/LFT
TN0262 : CD 20 +Ve Lymphomas Inj.Rituximab 500 Microgram (6 Injections once In 3 Weeks)Biopsy Report, IHC marker for CD20CBC/RFT/LFT