Vasan Eye Care Hospital, Old Washermenpet
SL.NOCriteriaSub classificationScoresOverall Scores
1No of Beds30  
2MRD with ICD Coding 11
3Well Equipped ICUA) up to 15 Beds11
 B) With beds above 15  
4Patho lab 13
Bio-Chem lab 1 
Micro lab 1 
5A)OT-Laminar Air Flow   
B)HEPA Filter   
6SCANA) - CT  
 B) MRI  
 C) PET  
7A) IT Solution 12
B) Computer Billing 1 
8DNB Recognition   
9In House Pharmacy -24 Hours 11
10Blood BankA)Registered  
 B)Storage center11
11Medical Audit 11
12A)Fire Safety Equipment 13
B)Fire Safety Drill & Certificate 1 
1Full time consultants not less than 10 specialty   
2A)Cath Lab   
B)Cardio Thoracic OT   
3A) JCI   
B) NABH Accreditation   
4Laennac RT   
5Location-Metro cityA)Chennai22
 B)Other Metros  
6Ambulance 11
7No of Duty Doctors5-15=11
8No of Qualified Nurses5-15= 2
9NICU/PICU Beds:3-6=11
10No of warmers/Incubators3-6=11
11Neonatal Ventilators2-5=  
12Transport incubators   
13Registered for Human Organ Transplant Act   
14Bio-Medical Engineering Department   
 Final Score 23
 Final Grad A3