Vikram ENT Hospital and Institute, Coimbatore TN.
S.NoGrading parameterSub ClassificationScoreOverall score
1In house hearing Audiology and vestibular testing facilities  11
2In house speech evalutaion and speech therapy facilities  11
3High definition Endoscopy camera 11
4Surgical Microscope 11
5Video Flexible Endoscopy services including Laryngoscopy, Bronchoschop, Gastroscopy 11
6Pulmonary Function testing  11
7In house laboratory and radiology sevices 11
8Cochlear Implant programme 22
9Audio verbal Therapy facilities 11
10Allergy clinic 11
11Advanced Audiological investigations includin g 33
 oto acoustic emission ( OAE)   
 brain stem evoked response audiometry    
 auditory steady state response audiometry   
 electo cochleo graphy( ECoG)   
12Advance vestibular investigations including  33
 carnio corphography   
 electro nystagmography   
 vestibular evoked myogenic potenial VEMP    
13NO of beds<5 1 
  6 to 102 
 Overall scoring Total 20