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The Eligibility to avail Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, is as indicated for the resident of tamilnadu by the presence of his/her name in the Family card and whose annual income is less than Rs.1,20,000/ per annum.

For being eligible for benefits underthe scheme, it is sufficient to produce family card and Incomecertificate by the VAO/Revenue authorities along with the selfdeclaration of the head of the concerned family. “Family” includes the eligible member, and the members of his or her Family as detailed below:

(i) Legal spouse of the eligible person
(ii) Children of the eligible person
(iii) Dependent parents of the eligible person Provided that if any person, in any of the categories at (i), (ii) or (iii) above, finds place in the family card then it shall be presumed that the person is member of the Family and no further confirmation would be required.

Srilankan refugees in the camps are also eligible without any Income limit.

Migrants from other states can also join this CMCHIS based on the request letter along with a list of Eligible member’s from labour department, provided they have resided for more than six months in the state as certified by suitable authority.

Orphans residing in any registered/unregistered organization can be given a singlecard. This also includes the rescued girlchildren and any other person defined as orphan by the government.